The Urban Safari Rescue Society is a registered non-profit society dedicated to the rescue and care of  exotic animals and to educating the public about animals, their environments and the natural world.

Our charity number: 80757 1047 RR0002  Our society number: S-0061328

Leopard Gecko

Leopard Gecko

Urban Safari Rescue Society was conceived from Cinemazoo in 2007 by Gary Oliver as an effort to make a difference in the lives of people and animals alike. Gary has dedicated his life to learning about, working with, and rescuing animals. It is his belief that educating the public about all kinds of animals will ultimately make a difference in the lives of animals in captivity and in the wild.

Some of the animals we rescue are near the bottom of the food chain, but without them, all other forms of life as we know it would slowly disappear. Saving these animals provides us with a unique opportunity to have them as living ambassadors in our outreach and in-house educational programs. Teaching people about preservation and conservation is the priority, especially given the reality of today’s world of vanishing habitats and species.


Our Mission

To Rescue, care for, and maintain the health of rescued exotic and other animals.

To Educate children and adults about various animal species and the importance of all animals to our environment, the need for conservation, and the responsibilities that come with exotic animal ownership.

To Provide public awareness of worldwide conservation efforts and encourage people to take an active role in those efforts.

For our latest news visit the ZooNooz page of this web site.

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