Wish List

savannah monitor cuddles

cuddles for a sick Savannah Monitor Lizard

Our Animals need many things – Our Educational programs need many things

We have many wishes – here are a few

* building materials – lumber, plywood,

* plants for landscaping

* fresh produce ( veggies and fruit )

* fresh chicken parts ( chicken legs, etc. )

  • volunteers with electrical, plumbing, building skills and experience

* hay and straw ( used for bedding and feed )

* van in good working condition

* utility trailer

* an industrial cooler in good working condition

* chicken scratch

* cat litter

* cleaning supplies ( laundry soap, dish soap, etc. )

*surgical gloves, surgical masks ( no we don’t use them for surgery – we leave that for our vet )

*microscope ( for our Nature Club and Summer Camp )

Check back once in a while the list will change.

Thank you for your interest.

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