Here is a virtual tour of Urban Safari donated by Ryan Ruttan from

Thank you Ryan!!

We have changed the Bug Lab around since this was shot but enjoy.

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Jason Humber AKA the Photo Warrior discovered Gary Oliver, Urban Safari Rescue Society and the work we do and was inspired to create a couple videos and a gallery of cool animal pictures from around our facilities. You can view the photo galleries on our facebook page.

The following is a video Jason Humber – Photo Warrior created when he became interested in Gary Oliver and the work of Urban Safari Rescue Society.

Shell Busey is coming to our rescue! We have taken in so many animals we have had to put them in our classroom space. So, now we need to build a heated classroom space so we can continue to run the various programs out of our facilities educating the public about animals and the natural world. Listen to Shell’s video and if you think you can help let us know. If you want to share this video that would also help us.


Urban Safari Rescue Society and  Cinemazoo enjoy our popular status on YouTube.
Check us out in this series of videos by Wendy Bancroft!

saving cinemazoo


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