Giving Back


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Giving Back

We believe in giving back and supporting other organizations doing important work in our community. For many years Gary Oliver and now Urban Safari Rescue Society have donated time and effort to events and organizations that work to improve the lives of children. Every year we amaze, educate, and entertain children suffering with cancer or with disabilities by sharing with them our animal ambassadors free of charge. We don’t get anything out of it but a warm glow and the animals get extra cuddles – which is important too.

Surrey School District – DREAMS ACADEMY

logo_screenWe are proud to be partnering with the Surrey School District for their DREAMS Spring Program. We will be donating our time and bringing animals to 4 different schools involved in the program. We will be teaching the kids about animals, habitats, adaptations, animal characteristics and much more. Read on to learn more about DREAMS:
The DREAM Academy after- school program surrounds students with positive role models who focus on strength-based approaches that facilitate academic achievement, increased leadership abilities, and healthy social development.
Participating students receive value added time to their school day through the introduction of unique and fun educational activities, relationship development opportunities and academic support in a safe caring and supportive learning environment.

Canuck Place

I wanted to send along our sincere thanks for your visit last Thursday! Wow! What an amazing show and the children there were just so engaged.
It’s always such a special treat when you folks come into the Hospice – the children and families so look forward to it and often it is the highlight of their stay with us.
As promised, I’m sending along a picture of Jayden (one of the kids who were there).
We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity. It was so great to see the kids being brave and touching / holding various animals (myself included J). Thank you once again.
Sincerely, Laura
IMG_4984 Canuck Place

Variety Club – Boat for Hope logo

Gary and crew have been participating in this fantastic day – long event for children with disabilities for 14 years.






2012-bfh-gary&kid(W)Gary, Dozer ( the tortoise ) and Sisi ( the chihuahua ) chatting with a youngster coming up the dock after his boating adventure.







Children’s Hospital Foundation – Balding for DollarsBalding-for-Dollars-Logo2

Since the very inception of Balding Dollars Gary Oliver and crew have been bringing animals to Children’s Hospital events to give kids and their families going through cancer treatment or recovering from cancer some adventure, encouraging their curiosity about animals, and giving them something to focus on other than their illness. We have been to many fund raising events and enjoyed every minute. We do it free of charge as a way to give back to the community.

Balding for Dollars 1

Douglas College – Animal Care Certificate Program

45A62FB85FBF431C9ADE7687499ADB11We have teamed up with the Animal Care Certificate program at Douglas College to provide a few animals for the day each semester so the students can have some hands on experience with exotic animals. The animals get a spa day and the students get valuable experience.


Every year we team up with other worthy organizations to provide children with disadvantages the opportunity to learn about animals, bond with animals, and interact with creatures that need care and attention in a positive way. Organizations such as Canuck Place, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Ronald McDonald House.

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