Birthday Parties at our rescue facility – due to the pandemic we are not offering birthday parties at our facility at this time

Albino Okeetee Corn Snake

Albino Okeetee Corn Snake


  Party with the Animals!!!



Three Toed Box Turtle

Looking for a unique, fun, and educational birthday party for your birthday child but don’t want to deal with cleaning up your house after the party. Bring the gang to our location in South Surrey and have the party here in our 350 sq. ft. multi purpose room.

We will give your birthday child a unique 2 hour experience they won’t soon forget. We will set you up in our private party room and our party host will take everyone on a guided tour of our 360+ rescued exotic animals. Party goers will learn about all the animal families with lots of fun facts, stories, and some hands-on touching where appropriate. When everyone is ready to go home we wrap things up with goody bags for everyone full of ‘animal treasures’ – the good kind – and a few extra goodies for the birthday child.

in-house birthday

Safari hat for the birthday child

You bring the food, cake, presents, and of course the guests.

We supply a private room, party hostess to help with whatever you need and take the group on a tour of the animals, the table coverings, plates, napkins, forks, and cups – and goody bags.


2 hours – $260 + 5% GST

for 10 kids – 4 adults

additional kids and/or adults joining the tour – $10 each

Please note we cannot accommodate large groups of 20 or more

To book or have your questions answered call 604 531-1100 or email

In-house birthday2

Viewing a King Snake


Mexican Axolotl

All of these animals are rescued or surrendered. Booking a birthday party or registering for any of our programs you are helping to support and care for these amazing creatures.

Some of the animals you will see and learn about:

African Spur Thigh Tortoise,  Milk Snakes,  Ferrets,   Chinchillas, Florida Soft Shelled Turtle, 5 types of Tarantulas, Ball Pythons, Carpet Pythons, King Snakes, African Sideneck Turtles,  Childrens Python, Red Footed Tortoises,  Sugar Gliders, Pheasants, exotic insects, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Common Snapping turtle, various types of tree frogs, Cuban Knight Anoles, Leopard Gecko, Razor Back Musk turtles, Iguanas, Amazon Tree Boa, Boa Constrictors, Pigs, Finches, Poison Dart Frogs and many, many, many more!!


March 2018

‘ I wanted to extend a big thank to your organization for hosting Sofie’s Birthday Party yesterday. The kids had such a good time, and it will be a hard party to top. Special thank you to the host, Bibiana, as the party wouldn’t be as smooth without her. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending your birthday party facility to others.       …… Olga S.

May 2017

….’ I just wanted to pass along a huge thank you to you and your staff. We had an amazing time on Sunday. We were so surprised at how great the goody bags and decorations were and the icing on the cake is the frog my son will be sponsoring and the Nature Ranger certificate, so cool! Huge thumbs up from us and all our guests! ….. Erin A.

Feb. 2016

…’Just wanted to thank you and the staff once again for an absolutely educational, fun and amazing birthday party that Rayne had on Sunday. Bibiana was INCREDIBLE! You can totally tell she LOVES her job! I LOVE the way she immediately took charge and command of the children in a great way that kept them in order AND within the first almost 5 minutes I SWEAR she had all their names memorized. INCREDIBLE!  She has such a bright and vibrant personality and was extremely fun and engaging! Everything was so well organized and there was no chaos whatsoever! Thank you’…. Orene F.

Click here to view and download our birthday invitation:

Birthday invitation

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