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Sulcata Tortoise – native to sub-Sahara Africa

florida soft shell turtle

Florida Soft Shell Turtle – native to southern USA

We care for approximately 350 animals every day – 365 days a year. We care for animals ranging from arachnids ( tarantulas and scorpion ) to small mammals and everything in between. We don’t rescue or care for dogs, cats, most birds, or local wildlife. There are many other fine organizations that can handle those animals. We take in and care for exotic animals who’s natural habitat is in another part of the world, usually a tropical environment. These animals can not be set free in our environment, they must be in care for the rest of their natural lives. This can be for a very long time.

How you can help

You can help with the care of the animals by sponsoring an animal. Sponsorship starts at $15 for a 3 month period. Your sponsorship helps with the daily care, vet care, and food for the animal. You can pick the animal you wish to sponsor. Your sponsorship includes a thank you card with a picture and information of your sponsored animal mailed to you- your name goes on the animal’s enclosure – your name also is listed on this web page as a sponsor.

You can help in other ways. Visit our ‘ WISH LIST ‘ page to see a list of items we desperately need or visit our ‘ DONATION ‘ page and make a donation on line. An official tax receipt will be issued for your donation. PLEASE help us help these unwanted animals and help us educate people of all ages about animals, the natural world, and conservation. YOU can make a difference.


th-1African Clawed Frog – Native to African Rift Valley to South Africa

Sponsored by:

Scott, Valentina, Maysen


African Side Neck Turtle – Native to Southern and Eastern Africa

Sponsored by:

Holland, Keira, Dior, Katie, Caleb, Kiera, Anna

Langley Gardens, R.C. Garnett, Caitlin

1st. Peninsula Sparks & Brownies, Zyan

thSulcata Tortoise ( also known as African Spur Tortoise ) – Native to sub-Saharan Africa

Sponsored by:



Alligator Snapping Turtle – Native to southern USA

Sponsored by:

Rob Lunney, Baker Drive Elementary, Braemar Elementary, Josh, Georgia, Jordan, Scarlett, Fraser

thAmazon Tree Boa – Native to South America, Amazon region east of Andes Mountains

Sponsored by:


th-1American Bull Frog – Native to southern & eastern USA

these frogs are an invasive species in our environment

Sponsored by:

Addie, Shay, Joe, Mira, Madelaine, Griffin

th-1Asian Painted Frog ( A.K.A. Chubby Frog ) – Native southeast Asia

Sponsored by:

Audrey, Kylie, Donovan, Priya, Cove Cliff Elementary

Priyah, Brody, CEFA- Jr.Kindergarten

Bala Shark – Native to Indonesia

Sponsored By:

Bianca, Rowan, Phoenix, Kate, Connie

Ball Python

Ball Python – native to sub-Saharan Africa

Sponsored by:

Christ City Church, Aidan, Noah, Rocco, Oliver, Lucas

Surrey School District DREAMS program, Jonathan

Kerrisdale Community Centre, Dylan, Sebastian, Joseph, Maverick

Bearded Dragon-

Bearded Dragon – Native to Australia

Sponsored by:

1st Seymour Guides, Kate, Reece, Armen, Holy Trinity School

George Greenaway Elementary, Young Climbers Preschool, Westside Montessori

Oliver, Ellie, Sergio, Lucy, Hudson, Creative Kids Learning Ctr.

Kade, Creative Kids Learning Centre, Brylie. YMCA Blast Program, Coquihaila Elementary

Singing Frog Preschool, Lexi, Ashton, Arielle, Annika, Ruby

Bibron Gecko – Native to Southern Africa

Sponsored by:

Isabella, Zayn, Judah, Sarah, Eli, Jamison

thBlood Python – Native to Thailand, Sumatra, Malaysia

Sponsored by:

Eric Langton Elementary, Chimney Hill Elementary, Jack

Richard Bulpitt Elementary

thRed Tail Boa Constrictor – Native to Southern Mexico – Central America – northern South America

Sponsored by:

Club Royale, VGC International College, Douglas Rec. Ctr.

Butterfly Igama – Southeast Asia and Indonesia

Sponsored by:

Service de Jarde Les Copains, Friends & Neighbours Together,Pacific Autism Family Network

SELC Career Collage, Fort Langley Child Care, Winskill Boys & Girls Club

Burnaby Hilton Hotel

Childrens PythonChildrens Python – native to northern Australia

Sponsored by:

Vancouver Aboriginal Friendship Society, Evan, Chase

th-1Chinchilla ( Charles ) – Native to the Andes Mts. South America

Sponsored by:

Isabelle, Sam

thChinchilla ( Pippa ) – Native to the Andes Mts. of South America

Sponsored by:

Kalum, Taya

thChinese Striped Neck Turtle – Native to China, Taiwan, Laos and Vietnam

Sponsored by:

Creative Kids Preschool, 3rd. West Vancouver Beavers, Uplands Elementary

Chinese Water Dragon – Native to southeast Asia

Sponsored by:

Rob ( for one Year )

thCommon ( Green ) Anole – Native to southeast USA

Sponsored by:

th-2Common Snapping Turtle – Native to southern Canada to southern USA

Sponsored by:

Hudson Preschool


thOkeetee Corn Snake – Native to eastern to southern USA

Sponsored by:

Mehgan, 2nd. Pitt Meadows Brownies, Myrtle Phillip Community School

Schola Bohemia Services, Clearbrook Elementary, Norquay After School Care

Arbutus Club, Ashyln, Rising Sun Montessori, Douglas Park Elementary, Kaya

Olivia, Tara, Lanaia

Striped kneeCosta Rican Striped Knee Tarantula – Native to Central America

Sponsored by:

Surrey School District DREAMS program,

Langley Boys & Girls Club

th-1Crested Gecko – Native to New Caledonia

Sponsored by:

North Burnaby Boys & Girls Club, Little Rascals Daycare, Kingsway Christian Childrens Ctr., Churchill Secondary

Cuban Knight Anole - Native to Cuba

Cuban Knight Anole – Native to Cuba

Sponsored by:

Spare Time Society

Little Foot Prints Daycare, Sophia, Owen

th-1Cuban Tree Frog – Native to Cuba, Bahamas and Cayman Islands

Sponsored by:

Abbotsford Christian Elementary, Seaforth Elementary

Baker Drive Elementary, Langley Fundamental Elementary

 thEmerald Swift – Native to Central America

Sponsored by:

Tess, Cypress, Samantha

th-1Emperor Scorpion – Native to West Africa


Ferret – domesticated form of European polecat

Sponsored by:



Ferret – Buttons and Zipper

Sponsored by:

Lucy, Eric Langton Elementary, Bethshan Gardens, Kaya

Flemish Giant Rabbit

Domestic Rabbit – considered the largest breed of domestic rabbit

Sponsored by:


Florida Soft Shell turtle - Native to southern USA

Florida Soft Shell turtle – Native to southern USA

Sponsored by:


th-2Gargoyle Gecko – Native to New Caledonia

Sponsored by:

Tyson, Joe, Daniel, Elijah

th-1Golden Gecko – Native to Vietnam

Sponsored by:


th-1Goliath Bird Eating Spider – Native to South America

Sponsored by:

Colton, Izzy, Jacob, Eric Langton Elementary

thGiant White Lip Tree frog – Native to northern Queensland Australia and New Guinea

Sponsored by:

Jacob, Hunter, Little Rascals Daycare, Chaffey- Burke Elementary

Windsor Elementary, Hannah, Keona, Gracie, Benjamin, Mackenzie

th-1Guinea Pig – Native to Andes Mts. and foothills of South America

Sponsored by:

 Rayne, Danielle, Sophie, Emma, Isabella,

Hedgehog – Native to parts of Asia and Africa

Sponsored by:


Hermit-crabHermit Crabs – Native to Caribbean and islands of Central America

Hog Island Boa – native to small group of Islands off Honduras

On endangered species list

Sponsored by:


 Image result for heterodon hognose snake

Hognose Snake – Native to North America

Sponsored by:

Coco, Carmyn, Subaig

thIguana – Native to Mexico, Central America, Caribbean

Sponsored by:

9th Richmond Scouts, 32nd Vancouver Brownies

St. Anthony of Padua, Hastings Out of School Program, Lynnessa

India Star TortoiseIndia Star Tortoise – native to India and Sri Lanka

Sponsored by:

Kidsville Learning Centre,

Ariel, Isla, Kaya

thCommon King Snake – Native to Eastern USA

Sponsored by:

Ryan, Jonah, Adrian, Nathan

thDesert King Snake – Native to southwest USA

Sponsored by:


th-2California King Snake – Native to western USA & northern Mexico

Sponsored by:

Gavin, Hayden

Leaf Tail Gecko – Native to Madagascar

Sponsored by:

Boundary Park Elementary, St. Francis of Assisi,

Lydia, Annabelle, Cyrus, Ella, Layla

Leopard Gecko- for history pageLeopard Gecko – Native to India and Afghanistan

Sponsored by:

Gauranji, Gino, Karis, Amelia, Cooper

Colton, Hugh, Emma, Summer, Kaya, Jaya

MammalBreed_2_46_1Lionhead Rabbit

a domestic breed of rabbit characterized by a small, compact body and a wooly mane around the face and head.

Sponsored by:


thMexican Axolotl – Native to waterways around Mexico City

Sponsored by:

Tanya, Jasmine

Mexican Red Knee TarantulaMexican Red Knee Tarantula – native to western Mexico and Central America

Sponsored by:

Tristan, Jacob, Celeste, Emmett

thMexican Red Leg Tarantula – Native to western Mexico

Sponsored by:

Joey, Taylor, Miguelito, Luca, Roslyn, Prairie

thMilk Frog – Native to Amazon rain forest of South America

Sponsored by:

th-1Honduran Milk Snake – Native to Central America

Sponsored by:

Tristan, Jalen

Jungle Carpet Python – native to the rainforests of Queensland Australia

Sponsored by:


Peacock – native to India

Sponsored by:


pueblanPueblan Milk Snake – Native to USA to Central America

Sponsored by:

Blair, Xavier

Mossy Frog – native to northern Vietnam & Loas

sponsored by:

Nikaya, Archie, Georgia

th-1Mountain Horn Dragon – Native to southeast Asia

Sponsored by:

4th Burnaby Guides, G.A.D. Elementary, James, Noah, Travis

Jaxson, Cole

thMusk Turtle – Native to North and South America

Sponsored by:


thPhantom the Pig

Sponsored by:

Homma YMCA Kids Club, Vaughan, Kaya

Pixie frogPixie Frog – Native to Western Africa

Sponsored by:

9th Surdel Beavers & Scouts, Chloe, Hattie, Sydney, Eric Langton Elementary

thPink Toe Tarantula – Native to Central America and northern South America

Sponsored by:

th-1Rainbow Boa – Native to Brazil

Sponsored by:

 Alex, Jonah, Myra, Amber, Windsor Elementary

Dylan, Christopher, CEFA- Jr. Kindergarten

thPoison Dart Frog – Native to Central and South America

Sponsored by:

Ava, Taia, Clinton Neighbourhood Care, Stride Ave Neighborhood, James Hill Elementary, Kid Safe Daycare, Love 2 Learn, Little Gym Langley, Erico Childcare Consultants, Langley Boys & Girls Club, Adams Road Elementary

TexasRatSnake2Albino Rat Snake – Native to most of the Northern Hemisphere

Sponsored by:


Red Eye Tree FrogRed Eyed Tree Frog – Native to Central America

Sponsored by:

Alexia, Asher, Nolan

th-1Reeve’s Turtles – also called Chinese Pond Turtle

Native to China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan

Sponsored by:


th-1Rose Hair Tarantula – Native to Chile, Bolivia, Argentina

Sponsored by:

Pierre –  the Skinny Pig ( a hairless Guinea Pig )

Guinea Pigs are native to Andes Mountains of South America

The hairless Guinea Pig was bred for laboratory dermatology testing.

Sponsored by:

 Dean, Bella, Isabella, Quinn, Lucy, Alec, Ethan

Sudan Plated Lizard

Sudan Plated Lizard – Native to Africa

Sponsored by:

Connor, Lucian, Xavier, Hannah, Kainen

Rosy Boa – Native to USA

Sponsored by:


Sugar Glider2

Sugar Glider – native to Australia

Sponsored by:

Taylor, Zoe, Joshua, Raena, Rydan, Mya, Sonshine Preschool

Grayson, Langley Gardens Retirement Community, Green Star Childcare

Natalie, Mackenzie, Charlie, Langley Gymnastics, Chelsea House Preschool

Zanilia, Isla, Jeo, Sir Andrews Childcare, Gilmore Preschool, Brechin, Charlotte

Taran, Sophia, Prubteg, Tessa, Kensi, Ellie, Tyler, Cierra

Sun ConureSun Conure – native to northern South America

Sponsored by:


20090615-AMC_2763-590x391Three Toed Eastern Box Turtle – Native to southern USA

Sponsored by:

Devika, Alice, Rayah, Norah, Austin, Charlotte, Kaya

Tiger Salamander – native to mid-western USA

Sponsored by:

Collingwood Neighbourhood House

thTokay Gecko – Native to northeast India to southeast Asia

Sponsored by:

Marco, Leonarda

Tomato Frog – native to northern part of Madagascar. No Endangered Species list

Sponsored by:

Roman, Nadia,

thUromastyx Lizard _ Native to an area from Iran to Northeastern Africa

Sponsored by:

 Paval, Little Rascals, Canadian Mental Health Assoc.,

thVeiled Chameleon – Native to Arabian Peninsula

Sponsored by:

Kids Cottage Daycare, Christine, Evelyn

Amanda, Mason. Mira

thWhite Lip Tree Frog – Native to Northern Australia and New Guinea

Sponsored by:


thWhite’s Tree Frog – Native to eastern Australia and New Guinea

Sponsored by:

James Park Elementary, Mateo, Miles, Cassie


Yellow Foot Tortoise – native to the Amazon basin South America

Sponsored by:


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