Hey Animal Lovers!

What animal lives for over 100 years? What animal can lick its own eyeball? Meet a friendly dragon, touch shed snake skin and meet over 350 animals on your very own urban safari

Over 160 species of rescued and surrendered exotic animals call the Urban Safari home. Visit them and learn how wild and wonderful they are, including why they are so important to various environments around the world. Learn about conservation efforts and why exotic pets often end up at an exotic animal rescue

Our Bug lab is growing with an extensive collection of mounted insects on loan from one of our members. Come and learn about the vast insect world.

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Feel free to drop by Thursdays to Mondays 11 am to 4 pm
* Closed Tuesdays and Wednesday and Statutory Holidays (except Family Day)

$12.00 + GST per adult (18 – 65)
$8.00 + GST per child, senior, or student
Children aged 3 and under are free!

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Address: 1395 176th Street, Surrey, BC

We are a wheelchair friendly facility!

NOTE: Children must be accompanied by an adult. Everyone over the age of 3 must wear a face mask at all times. Please sanitize your hands at the front door and practice physical distancing. Your cooperation is appreciated and important for the safety of everyone.

Have a birthday coming up?

We offer animal birthday parties, at your place or ours.

Are you a teacher?

Looking for animal education programs for your students? Field trip? Check out the options and how our animal welfare education fits into the curriculum.

Are you a group organizer?

Live animal presentations are also popular with daycare groups, Scouts, Girl Guides and many more community groups. Check out what we offer and let us organize a special day just for you, whether your troupe is earning a special badge or if you are just interested in animals, the natural world, and conservation


Always a favourite with guests and school groups, stick bugs are very cool insects. Stick bugs are usually found in tropical and subtropical climates lazing around with other non insect sticks. They are excellent at camouflage and are sometimes referred to as ghost insects. Try playing hide and seek with them when you visit them in their habitat. If they think you are a predator, they may ‘play dead’ by dropping from their perch and staying still; a behaviour that fools predators. Because they can lay up to 300 eggs a year without the help of males and they can eat immense amounts of food, they are a danger to our local ecosystem. Not native to BC, we accept surrendered Stick bugs to protect our local ecosystem from this very successful insect.

Florida Soft Shell Turtle

Guinea Pig

Dart Frog

Jungle Carpet Python