Sponsor one of the approximately 350 exotic animals that call the Urban Safari home 365 days a year. Every animal needs daily care from the arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, to small mammals like chinchillas, Sugar Gliders and ferrets and everything in between. 

All our animals are rescued exotic animals whose natural habitat is in another part of the world, usually a tropical environment. They can not live outside of our rescued animal facility, so we – with your financial support – care for them every day for the rest of their natural lives.

How it works

You choose the animal that you would like to sponsor and commit to $7.00 each month.

We place your name on the animal’s enclosure as their sponsor! Plus, you will receive an information sheet about the species. 

Your money goes directly to their veterinarian care, nutrition, habitat maintenance, and daily care.

Give the Gift of Sponsorship

Have an animal lover in your circle of friends or family?  Sponsorship makes a wonderful gift!

Or sponsor an animal as a school, class, daycare or community group. It would also make a great teaching tool for a school class or day care.