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  1. Hi: just wondering if the public can adopt rescues from you.

  2. Hi Ingrid; Yes, there are some animals we will adopt out to the right homes. What are you looking for? It is best to email us directly :
    I don’t check this mailbox very often

  3. Marce Prefontaine

    I would like to enroll my son into the Sunday afternoon 7 week program starting this Sunday. Also do you guys have any summer camp programs? We had his birthday there and also just returned from Asia and he loves reptiles, bugs and birds. Woukd love to put him in a summer program.

  4. Hello, we have you to our school where I teach Kindies for our kindergarten kiddos each spring…. the children love it!
    I have some animal/creature-loving girls of my own… so,
    I’m wondering if you bring animals/ do anything for children’s Birthdays? Our own daughters (twins) are turning 6 next month. It is just a small party- 10 children or less (including our own 2).
    Look forward to hearing from you!
    Thanks so much!

  5. Hi Rebecca; I’m not sure if anyone got back to you about your twins birthday party. We don’t check these web messages often enough. Yes, we do come to birthday parties. It is similar to the school presentations – one full hour – 15 to 17 animals, etc. If you have other questions or want to book please email us at

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