Nature Club

Send your child on a journey through the animal world.

Who is it for?

Kids (6 – 10) who are curious about animals and the natural world. Kids are immersed in 7 weeks of animal awesomeness!

About the Course

Every Saturday for 2 hours your child will learn about a different topic–insects, reptiles, birds, critters that live under water, habitats, adaptations, conservation issues, what makes a good pet and what animals are not suitable pets. Your child will learn with the aid of games and other fun teaching aids.

For the first hour, your child will learn about an animal group and an animal related concept– like animal conservation efforts, exotic pets as wild animals, or habitats, etc. We encourage lots of questions and interaction. 

In the second hour, your child will learn about a specific animal which our instructor will bring out for the kids to see and observe up close. Each week they learn through a live exotic animal presentation.

The Details

For kids aged 6 to 10 years old.

Saturdays, February 4 to March 18, 2023 (7 weeks), 10-12 pm

Cost: $165.00 + GST

10% discount for siblings and Society members (click here for more details).

To register, email [email protected] or click the button below.

Refund Policy

We will refund your entire fee minus an administration fee of $25.00 up to 2 days before the class begins. Please note there are no refunds after the course session begins.

We have been successfully providing live animal education programs for over 10 years and are fully insured and permitted by the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Our Nature Club and Camp leaders and presentors have had criminal record checks by the RCMP.


Would you wear a snake? African Kings used to wear Ball Pythons around their wrists and shoulders as jewelry from thousands of years ago up to about 100 years ago. Even today, the Ball Python is important to a tribe in Nigeria who have funerals if one dies by accident in the village, although they don’t wear them! Ball Pythons can seem intimidating, but they are docile creatures. When you see one flicking its tongue, don’t worry, it just wants to smell you, not taste you. They got their name because when upset or hiding from a predator, they roll themselves up in a ball to become as small as possible and even tuck their heads under their bodies. How cute is that?

Vietnamese Mossy Frog

Boa Constrictor


I am writing to thank you for another great round of Nature Club. My daughter absolutely loves coming to your place and never wants to leave. Looks like you have a lifer!! You all are doing a great job by educating and inspiring kids to appreciate and respect animals as you are – things can only get better!

Heather M.