The creatures in our rescued animal program didn’t ask to spend their natural lives in unnatural places. That’s on us. At Urban Safari we want these animals to live out their natural lives in safe and appropriate habitats, eating food meant for them, and getting the daily care they need. 

Your donation directly improves the life of every animal at The Urban Safari Rescue Society. They will love you for it and we can issue you an official tax receipt on donations of $20.00 or more.

You can make a difference

As a donor to The Urban Safari Rescue Society, you are supporting the care and housing of rescued exotic animals, animal welfare education, and animal conservation efforts around the world. We – like you – believe that the plight of animals both in captivity and in the wild will only improve if people learn and care about the animal itself. We design our many educational programs with this aim in mind.

Your tax receipt will be mailed to you once processing is complete.

Our charity number: 80757 1047 RR0002  Our society number: S-0061328

The animals and those of us who work with them every day thank you for caring!