Community Presentations

Amaze and Surprise!

Bring the world of exotic animal rescue to your community in a fun and unique way to introduce the vast world of animals to people of all ages. Our live animal presentations will fascinate you, educate you, entertain you and leave you and your group with memories that will last a lifetime. 

We bring approximately 15 animals and artifacts for each live exotic animal presentation covering insects, arachnids, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Our animals have visited museums, malls, libraries, churches and many other community groups and they always leave lots to talk about (in a good way).

The presentation also emphasizes the pitfalls of keeping exotic pets and why many of them end up in a rescued animal facility.

Whether you want to amaze and surprise or earn a scout or girl guide badge together, your community will love seeing our rescued exotic animals in action. One of our animal educators will guide your community through an animal presentation for kids, fun interactive activities, and will answer their questions. 

Your community will also receive a 3 month sponsorship of one of the rescued exotic animals at our facility along with a certificate you can display as a reminder of your sponsorship. We will add your community name to the animals’ enclosure at our facility for all to see.

If you have special requests, let us know. We would love to tailor the experience to your and your community’s interests, whether rain forest animals, nocturnal animals, particular animal families, habitats, adaptations and more.


One hour presentation: $240.00 + GST

Two or more one hour presentations: $200.00 + GST each (same day and location)

Cancellations: At this time we do not ask for a deposit. If you need to change the date or cancel, please do so with a minimum of one week’s notice.

We have been successfully providing live exotic animal presentations for kids at libraries, scouts, guides, churches and other community groups for over 10 years, and are fully insured and permitted by the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Our Nature Club and Camp leaders and presentors have had criminal record checks by the RCMP.


Why are they called Leopard Geckos? Look at their spots! Leopard Geckos might be the cutest geckos around, but don’t let that cuteness fool you, they have several clever defense systems to keep safe. First off, they shed their skin and eat it so they don’t trail their scent as they go about their business. That way, predators have a harder time tracking them. They have excellent sight, hearing and smell, so if a predator is close by they know and their spots help them camouflage. Best of all though is their ability to drop their tail and skedaddle. “Here, eat this while I run away!” What visitors often like most about them is that they can lick their own eyeball.

Milk Frog

Red Ear Slider Turtle