Personal Parties

Want to party with a bunch of animals?

Look no further than Urban Safari Rescue Society!

Invite some amazing critters to your birthday for a party your guests will never forget!

We provide a home and care for rescued exotic animals. Booking an animal birthday party helps support and care for these amazing creatures.

Presented by a trained animal educator, we will introduce your guests to exotic insects, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals. We give you an opportunity for an ‘up close’ experience with various species from around the world. 

Animals that could come to your party : Exotic insects, spiders, snakes, lizards, turtles or tortoises. We can also bring Guinea Pig, or Hairless Guinea Pig (Skinny Pig) if requested.  Sometimes an animal isn’t ready for a party, due to shedding or other causes, so we may need to substitute a different animal. Please understand it is for the health of the animal and it is at our discretion.

In-person Parties

We do in-person presentations for birthdays and special events either at your place or ours. See below for more information and pricing.

Virtual Parties

We are now also offering virtual animal birthday parties via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams in a private, interactive fun and educational experience. We have done these all over BC, Alberta, Ontario, USA, Australia, and parts of Asia. We can do one for you too! 

Cost for an online presentation: $140 + GST

Party at Your Place

15 or more exotic insects, reptiles, amphibians, and small mammals show up at your animal birthday party to wow and amaze your friends and family. They will bring one of our trained animal educators (yes, they train humans) with them who do a live animal show, lead you through fun interactive activities and answer your questions. 

You will get an up close and personal experience with various animals from around the world during an hour long live exotic animal presentation

Would you like to meet a special someone? Just ask. We will try to accommodate special requests, as long as the creature in question is willing and able to make an appearance.

Our exotic animal show for birthday parties are fun and educational–a family adventure no one will forget!!

We are available to join your party Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Pricing* for 1 hour presentation:

Aldergrove to North Vancouver: $252 + GST (multiple presentations the same day, same location: $210 each + GST)

Abbotsford: $270 + GST (multiple presentations the same day, same location: $230 each + GST)

Chilliwack, Mission, Agazzis: $285 + GST (multiple presentations the same day, same location: $250 each + GST)

Hope: $330 + GST (multiple presentations the same day, same location: $290 each + GST)

West Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay, Furry Creek: $285 + GST (multiple presentations the same day, same location: $245 each + GST)

Whistler: $365 + GST (multiple presentations the same day, same location: $330 each + GST)

Squamish, Bowen Island: $320 + GST + Ferry Fee (multiple presentations the same day, same location: $280 each + GST)

Sunshine Coast: $350 + GST + Ferry Fee

Victoria: $360 + GST + Ferry Fee

* Due to the rising fuel costs we temporarily must add a .25¢ per kilometer (from Urban Safari) fuel surcharge. Pricing does not include this.

Please note:  a $75 non-refundable deposit is required to book which will be subtracted from the final invoice. 

Party at Our Place

Prefer not to clean the house after a bunch of party animals? Bring them to our rescued animal facility for a live animal birthday party!

We will give your birthday child and all their friends a unique 2 hour experience they won’t soon forget. Party goers will learn about all the animal families with lots of fun facts, stories, and some hands-on touching where appropriate. 

We supply:

  • Our private party room (350 sq. ft multi purpose room) with some cheerful decorations
  • A party host who takes everyone on a guided tour of our 360+ rescued exotic animals.
  • The table coverings, plates, napkins, forks, and cups Goody bags for everyone full of ‘animal treasures’ (the good kind) and a few extra goodies for the birthday child.
  • Downloadable Birthday invitations

Click here to view and download our birthday invitation: Birthday invitation

You bring:

  • Maximum 10 kids + 2 adults
  • The food and cake 
  • Presents

Pricing for 2 hours

$275 + GST for maximum of 10 kids + 2 adults

More than one person celebrating a birthday at the same time: Add $10.

Extra child or adult: Add $10 each.

Cancellations: At this time we do not ask for a deposit. If you need to change the date or cancel, please do so with a minimum of one week’s notice.

We have been successfully providing live animal education programs for over 10 years and are fully insured and permitted by the Department of Fish & Wildlife. Our Nature Club and Camp leaders and presentors have had criminal record checks by the RCMP.


The Sulcata tortoise is a major highlight when we bring the animal into the community. Their size amazes everyone! Simply watching them eat and wander about brings out the kid in everyone. The poster child of why exotic animals don’t make good pets, the Sulcata tortoise, originally from north Africa, lives up to 150 years and can grow to approximately 300 pounds. They build themselves large dens up to three metres deep, something no one wants in their living room. They require a spacious and well-heated habitat that can withstand their strength, as they are excellent at running and burrowing. They are endangered and need our protection.

Igama Lizard

Tiger Salamander


Rabbits are adorable and seem like great pets, but too many get dumped in parks and forests or end up at rescues or worse. Truth is they don’t live off carrots alone. They are a huge commitment as they need weekly grooming, lots of space to roam and explore, and constant companionship to satisfy their social nature. Plus, they get ill easily. Instead of keeping one as a pet, visit them here or arrange for a presentation and enjoy their antics in an environment that is safe for the rabbit and doesn’t mean a bigger commitment than you were hoping for. You might even see one binky from joy.

Tokay Gecko

Razor Back Musk Turtle

White Lipped Tree Frog

Butterfly Agama Lizard


... As an avid animal lover, and former owner of snakes and other lizards, I genuinely appreciated the respect you showed not only to the animals, but also that you taught to the kids. I think you do a great job of balancing the experience for the kids, and I think many of them have never had an opportunity see creatures in such a close setting, which helps shape how they feel about them ... The kids were so excited to tell their parents about what they saw and did, it really created a unique party setting for them ...


... thank you so much for the fun and educational experience for Charlie’s 5th birthday. The children and adults alike had a fabulous time and everyone is raving about it. I will be encouraging everyone I know to have Urban Safari parties for all occasions. We will have many special memories from that day for years to come. Especially Grandma with tarantulas on her body!! 


What an incredible experience for all of my daughters 17 guests… and myself! To handle that many children could be difficult, but the presenters commanded the children’s attention ... by engaging and peaking their interest in the critters and asking them questions, or telling a cool fact ... Kids loved the huge fluffy bunny and the icky bugs too. Well done USRS!!! You have put together a great show and … it “shows”!

C. Atkinson

Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed your presentation at my son’s fourth bday party on Sunday. The kids were so excited and fully captivated for the full hour— pretty impressive given that the room was full of three and four year olds.  You also did such an amazing job of making the BDay boy feel extra special. An amazing experience and one we will highly recommend and always remember.


Wow, what an incredible presentation your guys did today. I got so stoked on holding the animals that I might have forgotten my own kids names! So fantastic. We look forward to coming out and visiting the zoo itself. Loved loved loved it all.

D. Veinot