We always appreciate in-kind donations. Check out our wish list to see if you or your organization could donate food, supplies, or building materials for the ongoing care of the creatures who call the Urban Safari home. 

PLEASE help these unwanted animals live out the best lives they can and help Urban Safari with animal welfare education. Help us educate people of all ages about animals, the natural world, and conservation. YOU can make a difference.

Our animals need many things

We have many wishes – here are a few:

  • building materials to help us build appropriate enclosures for our rescued exotic animals including lumber, plywood, and all the bits to put them together
  • plants for landscaping
  • fresh produce (veggies and fruit) for our herbivorous animal friends.
  • fresh chicken parts (chicken legs, etc.) for our carnivorous animal friends. 
  • volunteers with electrical, plumbing, building skills and experience
  • hay and straw – some animals sleep on it, some eat it.
  • van in good working condition
  • utility trailer
  • an industrial cooler in good working condition
  • chicken scratch
  • cat litter
  • cleaning supplies (laundry soap, dish soap, cleaning cloths, etc.)
  • surgical gloves, surgical masks (no we don’t use them for surgery – we leave that for our vet)
  • microscopes (for our Nature Club and Summer Camp)

Please check back once in a while as the list changes.

The animals and those of us who work with them every day thank you for caring!