There are many ways you can help ...


At Urban Safari we want these animals to live out their natural lives in safe and appropriate habitats, eating food meant for them, and getting the daily care they need. Your donation directly improves the life of every animal at The Urban Safari Rescue Society.

50/50 DRAW

Want to have a little fun while supporting a good cause. Our 50/50 draw helps us raise funds to care for the animals that call Urban Safari Rescue home. And you may even end up with a little gift yourself. Runs from November 15th to December 15th.


With 350 rescued exotic animals (125 species) and more coming to us on a regular basis, there is always something new to see and learn at Urban Safari. Membership to the Urban Safari Rescue Society helps support the Society and the animals we care for; you can make a difference.


For just $5 a month, sponsor one of the approximately 350 exotic animals that call the Urban Safari home 365 days a year. Every animal needs daily care from the arachnids, reptiles, amphibians, to small mammals like Chinchillas, Sugar Gliders and Ferrets and everything in between.


Our selection of merchandise includes t-shirts to pencils. Check the items out by clicking the button below. All proceeds go to the care of our over 350 animals.


Do you love animals and people? Then apply to be one of our beloved volunteers that mean everything to us. We can’t carry on our important work without you. We have many volunteer opportunities – click the button below to find out more.


We all have bottles to return, and returning your bottles with the proceeds going to us can help feed a Guinea Pig, Sugar Glider or Turtle. Just drop them off and at a Return-it Depot. Please click the button below for full instructions.


Whether you are doing some spring cleaning or moving house, box or bag items that are in good condition and bring them to us. We drop it off at Value Village and in return receive money that we use to house, feed and care for the animals in our care.


We always appreciate in-kind donations. Check out our wish list to see if you or your organization could donate food, supplies, or building materials for the ongoing care of the creatures who call the Urban Safari home.


We’re always looking for great people who care about the organization and the animals we care for to join our Board of Directors. Whatever your background contribute your skills – you can make a difference!